Inner Circle is here!

In the Thrive Factor Inner Circle you'll learn to embrace a new kind of "success factor", your Thrive Factor. Consider it and your Archetypes your game changing secret weapon in business.

Your Thrive Factor draws on the strengths you already have and teaches you how to effortlessly use them to transform the things that frustrate you into action & results

You'll also discover that the things you thought needed another course or loads of time and money to change, are actually the gateway to new opportunities that can accelerate your success

As part of a connected, thrive focused community you'll learn to leverage your innate potential and unlock your #effortlesssuccesszone so you can create increasing ease and confidence every step of your business journey

"I’ve had an amazing experience to date and I only signed 6 days ago! I’ve learnt my Archetypes and had a 1:1 profiling session with Shannon that in itself was value enough to join!

I went VIP because I feel I’m at that next stage of wanting to be surrounded by like minded Inspiring Individuals. The coaching calls & community really is what I'm after to start getting my business moving and literally after I signed up I felt a shift and things started happening for me.
The inspiring women in the group charged me up!
And I got sooo clear on my next steps

The first Inner Circle Class training really helped me gain clarity moving forward. I just love and resonate with the framework around mindset, magnetism, the business & spiritual body as a whole and I really felt connected and drawn to Shannon’s vibe/vibration.

I actually got my landing page up after a brief chat around it with Shannon & then the follow up with the inner circle group coaching spurred me on to accomplish something in a day I had procrastinated on for months lol 😂

So thank you so much! Can not wait for this journey to unfold 💜"

Teniele Arnold, Children's Book Author, Photographer - VIP Member, Thrive Factor Inner Circle

"Looking at what I want to accomplish in my business through the lens of my Thrive Factor profile has made decision making easier for me. It's helped me to understand how to speak to my community, of course, but it's also helped me feel even more confident that I'm moving in the right direction. On top of all that, I've used it to help understand who I'm working with and clients. A valuable tool that I highly recommend!"

Stasha Washburn, The Period Coach, Author of The Revolution Will Be Bloody

It is time to stop searching

There is nothing wrong or broken about you and the way you lead your business

You're simply missing pieces of the information you need

I am so delighted you are here


Fabulous to have you reading over all the Thrive Factor Inner Circle has to offer. It's Shannon B here, creator of the Thrive Factor Framework and her 12 Archetypes. I've been a business consultant, coach, teacher and cheerleader for in excess of 14 years and mostly work with women in business.

You can read more about me right at the bottom of the page if you want to know more. For now just know one of my 4 Archetypes is the Mentor Teacher. She means I love to share A LOT of info.

So if the ins and outs below are more than you need scroll down to the benefits. You'll find them after the pretty turquoise background, followed closely by a summary of the Inner Circle Class topics you'll be able to engage with as a member in hot pink.

Think about what you're about to read as a letter from me to you. In it I'm definitely going to tell you about the Thrive Factor Inner Circle but I also want to tell you about The Thrive Factor.

An abundance of the women I've met during my years in business, and particularly since I started profiling, have confessed to me that they have spent time asking themselves the most ancient question of all...

Who am I?

Closely followed by "how can I be more me?"

These questions can plague even the most confident, intelligent woman. It can be the cause of great angst and frustration as you get caught up looking for clues, insights and answers.

I imagine if you resonate with the above you might also

  • Have found yourself on a lifelong search to understand who you are. You constantly try to figure out how and why you think, feel and act in certain ways. You try to get to the bottom of what gets in your way of business success and living a fulfilled, happier life but just when you feel like you are making progress something trips you up... AGAIN
  • Be so tired of doing well one month only to have things crash and burn the next. The erratic cycle of business is so hard to deal with and you find yourself judging yourself and even wondering what's wrong with you in a classic it's-not-my-business-that-is-wrong-so-it-must-be-me-moment... AGAIN
  • Have invested a silly amount of time, money and energy into training courses, programs, working one on one with high end coaches and still find yourself missing something and once the course, program or one on one commitment is over you feel like you're out there on your own... AGAIN
  • Feel exhausted thinking about the hours you put into things only to have them flop dismally... AGAIN and AGAIN
  • Wonder if thriving is even possible for you. It sounds like a brilliant goal but day to day surviving is your constant companion. It sucks and you also wonder AGAIN and AGAIN if being in business is really such a good idea for you
  • Feel like you're taking one step forward and a few sideways with every move in your business over and over AGAIN
  • Be a smart woman who has a huge heart, lots of inspiring ideas, can take action, who also loves to learn and share with others. You are the best cheerleader anyone could want. Your clients love you and yet there feels like something is getting in the way of you being you... AGAIN
  • Work way too hard for the results you get. This makes you feel sooooo frustrated time and time.. AGAIN
  • Be tired of spending countless hours looking for the right pieces of the success puzzle because what you have doesn't always fit. Annoyance overload... AGAIN
  • Have at times lost all your mojo looking for answers when everything you have tried doesn't quite bring you the answers or solutions you know you need to get your business sorted once and for all. It's a never ending cycle happening over and over AGAIN!

Yes that sounds like me...

But I also have so many things I wish were my daily reality. I just can't understand why things don't work out consistently for me!

It is SO frustrating

I hear you!

Here's what I think might be on your wish list (because I've wanted these things too, as have so many of the women I have had the honour of profiling, coaching and cheering)

  • You wish you had a way to bring the best of you into the light so others could see it too
  • You wish you could rely on what you know and who you are
  • You wish you could trust your instincts. You wish you could hear your instincts in the first place
  • You wish you could package your awesomeness and your frustrations into a space where they work together for the greater good - your greater good and the greater good of your clients
  • You wish it was easier to understand the amazing women you work with
  • You wish you could know how to reach them, talk with them in their language, genuinely connect so they found it easy to invest in your incredible products and services
  • You wish you had more to celebrate because then staying motivated and on track would be so much easier
  • You wish your dreams of a business that lets you serve incredible women was an all time reality, not a sometimes experience

Yes that totally sums up a lot of what I want!

What's this Thrive Factor Framework you mention?

The Thrive Factor is an archetypal framework changing the way women interact with themselves and the world

For women in business it stands to provide the edge you've been looking for!

The Thrive Factor gives all women the kind of personal insights needed to

  • activate permission so you can be, do and have more of what matters most to you
  • unlock effortlessness so you can move forward with greater ease and less frustration
  • grow confidence so you can show up in your business and kick your goals while also having oodles of fun
  • embrace core strengths so you know where to put your time and energy to get results
  • understand potential challenges so they no longer hold you back and instead help you build unwavering trust in yourself and an added resilience you can rely on and be inspired by

All this leads to an experience of magnetism and when you're in that space it is easier to know and express your innate potential.

The outcome?  A state I talk of regularly. You can totally thrive.

The Thrive Factor Framework consists of 12 unique Archetypes, each with her own expression relating to Mindset, Marketing, Money and Magnetism; the 4 M's of Momentum.

Each Archetype has been explored and defined in a process spanning more than a decade by The Thrive Factor creator - yep that is me. Unlike many archetype frameworks, systems, solutions or assessments you'd find with a quick search online, the Thrive Factor Framework was created with grounded psychology principles in mind. Based on the feedback of women all over the world it has been proven to be one of the most profoundly accurate ways for women to understand themselves.

The most frequent word used in profiling experience debriefs where myself or a Licensed Thrive Factor Profiler introduces you to your archetypes?

Permission. So cool.

Another of the Frameworks unique benefits is that is has been designed for women only!

Graduates of the Certification in Thrive Factor Profiling, offered by Thrive Factor School, have all shared that the female only nature of the Thrive Factor Framework was something that excited them immensely. Think of this as the icing on the metaphorical cake. It was a big YES factor when deciding to enroll to learn the art of Thrive Factor profiling.

They knew from their own experiences the difference knowing their Thrive Factor Archetypes had made to their businesses. Now, for the first time, they had a way to work with clients that actually spoke directly to her need and want to understand herself. Super powerful.

Joining a community dedicated to you and your Thrive Factor provides an opportunity to learn about the core essence of the Archetypes that make you who you are.

You will learn how each Archetype relates to each other and how you can effortlessly access your innate potential by uncovering each Archetypes strengths and potential challenges.

Sounds intriguing...

But what is an Archetype?

The word Archetype comes from the Greek ‘Arche’ meaning original, old or first and ‘Tupos’ meaning ‘pattern, model or type’. Together these ancient words become Archetype and by definition, the word was thought to mean first impression or first imprint.

Archetypes assist you to understand and express who you are from a raw, real, authentic sense – to express parts of yourself you may or may not have previously understood.

When you know your Thrive Factor Archetypes you may, for the first time, understand why you do, say, react and feel the way you do. You will discover things about yourself that have you saying "now that makes sense" and "oh that's interesting and "I feel like I finally have permission to be me!"

You will reconnect with parts of yourself you previously doubted, mistrusted or had forgotten or questioned were of value.

You'll understand your core values, your innate wisdom, your inner creativity, your triggers, your path to effortless success, your emotional responses, your decision making process and how to use all of this to accelerate your business success.

"Having my Thrive Factor Profile done with Shannon in 2018 was such an insightful experience. Learning about my core archetypes has given me a new level understanding and acceptance and truly given me permission to be me.

I love this profiling so much that I jumped at the chance to become a Licensed Certified Thrive Factor Profile so I can help other women embrace themselves and give themselves permission to shine"

Kim Herman, Mindset Transformation Specialist, Licensed Thrive Factor Profiler

Oooooh I'd love to know how to be more me...

But aren't things like Archetypes just labels and therefore going to limit me?

Ok, I can see why you might think that. It is not the truth though.

There are some schools of thought suggesting a framework like this is limiting and labeling.

They suggest you are preventing being 100% you by working within the realm of a defined system with set boundaries.

That may be the case for some personality profiling type solutions but the Thrive Factor Framework is different.

The 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes that we work with today were born out of observations of the many women I was working with as clients in 2009 and 2010. Since then each Archetype has continued to provide me with new layers of insight and understanding each time I work with them and work with you.

Ok, that makes sense...

But how do the Archetypes work in action in business?

Great question!

Let me tell you how I use my four Archetypes. Four is a common number of Archetypes to have but you may have anywhere from 3-6 in your profile! This all depends on what your Archetypes are. We find them out with a profiling Assessment you take online.

I use my Archetypes in a practice-what-you-preach kind of way to gain new information about each of the 12 Archetypes, the ways they show up in you, the ways they interact together when in your profile and the ways they interact with each other when you're working with other women as clients or colleagues.

The four Archetypes in my profile are the very reason why I feel we have only just scratched the surface collectively when it comes to what I know about myself and the Archetypes, what you know about you and we know about ourselves as business women.

Let me explain by introducing you to each of my Archetypes.

My Liberator Engineer, driven to create freedom for myself and others and a master at seeing the big picture and all the moving parts of something, is fascinated with how things work.

She's always looking to understand more and by her inherent nature she is unlikely to ever stop wanting to discover and document more for each of her Archetype sisters.

She loves creating systems, models, frameworks and solutions. Oh and she's bound to design some awesome worksheets and workbooks to enhance the monthly Inner Circle Classes too!

My Visionary Creator, driven to bring visionary, forward thinking creations to life, literally sees the future for women in business who choose to learn who they really are and lead businesses with that knowing.

She's always seeing new applications for the Thrive Factor Archetypes and works closely with the Liberator Engineer to bring her visions for what is possible for you to life.

She is colourful and creative so if you're a black and white kinda woman you might find her super bright!

My Mentor Teacher, driven to learn, understand and share her knowledge and wisdom, is an eternal researcher.

She's going to continue to uncover those layers you seek to truly know who you are. She has a lot to say (I warned you about her love of lots of info!) but she sees her abundance of knowledge as an opportunity for you to learn things about yourself. She also wants you to know how you react and respond in your life and business.

What she discovers could be the very things that will give you the upper hand over your competitors every day in business.

My Inspirer Believer, driven to inspire others, is always seeking to show you your greatest potential so she can cheer you to fulfill it. She's the cheerleader of the Archetypes and she has oodles of energy to throw into you and your success.

She'll keep the vibe high for everyone and can put an optimistic and realistic spin on anything. She'll boost your confidence, get super excited by what you're creating and give you the biggest cheer whether you need it or not. She can't help but believe in you and she wants you to be a success.

Celebrating is her favourite past time and she's keen for you to learn how to celebrate all you have to offer the world and the women you work with because you ARE an inspiration!

Ok now I'm really intrigued...

Tell me more about the Thrive Factor Inner Circle

When you know your Thrive Factor your individual combination of Archetypes can quickly become your business superpower!

That is what the Thrive Factor Inner Circle focus is - combining my oodles of years of business and marketing coaching, consultancy and teaching with the best of the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes.

What you will learn will unlock your effortless success zone.

That's not an effort free zone.

It is an experience of being able to turn your core strengths and potential challenges into increasing ease, confidence, self trust, focus, easier decision making, more flow, improved and sustained results and much more.

I can't tell you what else is in store because it is different for every Archetype and every combination of Archetypes that make up your profile.

Embodying your uniqueness, even if you have the same Archetypes as another woman, can quickly become the point of difference that gives you the edge over others in your space.

When you become part of the Thrive Factor Inner Circle I know it's not going to be long before I can celebrate you and say "watch out world, she has arrived!"

"Understanding my thrive factor archetype (Liberator Engineer here!) helped me see why I needed to let go of complicated systems and embrace simplicity in my marketing.

I was also able to leverage my other archetype, Queen Ruler which I was resisting because of its negative stereotype. Once I could see how I could lean into my Queen, I was able to step up as a better leader without turning my followers into a clique.

I am so glad that I did this with Shannon B and got a better insight into what makes me, me!"

Swapna Thomas, Content Queen

Apply the 4 M's of Momentum in monthly Inner Circle Classes

Monthly Inner Circle Classes will focus on teaching you how to use your Archetypes to grow your business with a focus on the 4 M's of Momentum; Mindset, Marketing, Money and Magnetism.

Each Archetype in your profile has her own strengths and potential challenges in these 4 areas.

Knowing what they are and learning how to use your strengths to counter balance any potential negative impact of your potential challenges stands to positively change the way you lead your business.

Mindset; the things you think that lead to the actions you take, experiences you have, feelings that guide you in life and business. Through a range of explorations in Circle Classes you''ll come to understand how to experience a genuine thriving mindset.
Magnetism: far beyond Law of Attraction philosophy, the combination of your Thrive Factor Archetypes create a situation that, when embodied, leads to an ability to magnetise - experiences, opportunities, clients and more.

Marketing: totally a core business activity, to market is the action you take to showcase yourself, magnetise your ideal clients and turn them into paying clients. Best when you show up as 100% YOU, you'll confidently be able to do just that.

Money: they say money makes the world go round. When you know your archetypal money mindset and behaviour it can certainly make things easier. From Archetype specific buying formula to savings types, you'll learn it all!

Women in business who adore their Thrive Factor Archetypes and the success & effortlessness they have experienced have shared their feedback below

I reckon they have hardly scratched the surface in terms of what's possible #justsayin

Now that is Inspirer Believer exciting!

Pom Pom anyone?

"Discovering your Thrive Factor Archetypes truly is a transformational experience. By understand which archetypes are driving your behaviour and how you can harness their strength and manage their weaknesses is a total revelation.

Not only does this help you propel yourself forward in your business, but it also helps you embrace who you truly are as a person. It creates resilience and an unshakable belief that you are a magnificent piece of art made up of bejeweled parts of you"

Christina Cabrera, Money Muse

"Knowing and understanding my Thrive Factor was the first step in gaining more awareness of how I operate in life and in my business.

It is something I come back to again and again as I reflect on how far I have come in my business and the future vision of where I want to be"

Rebecca Glorie – Psychologist

"I'm not sure just how I was succeeding in my business before Shannon worked with me to find my Thrive Factor.

To learn and understand the different archetypes I have was an absolute game changer. When I learned my strengths and challenges in such detail, I was able to identify what was holding me back from working effortlessly.

Learning how to harness the best of me has taken my business – and my personal life - to a whole new level of success."

Kat Blake – Stress, Sleep and Fatigue Warrior for women

"Discovering my Thrive Factor has given me a deeper understanding of myself in business and in life, bringing about a sense of renewed empowerment.

I can now see patterns of behaviour that highlight each of my four Archetypes and I am able to adjust my actions accordingly. This knowledge is invaluable, especially for setting boundaries in my work and also realising my freedom points"

Nicola Hogan, Copywriter, Health Advocate

"Getting to know and understand my archetypes has meant that I can embrace myself for who I am.

Developing my strengths and doing away with what does not work for me means more freedom and flexibility in my business and also more kindness to myself.

I love all the aspects of me that the Thrive Factor Profile has helped me to see. It has been such a wonderful learning experience!"

Tanita Seton - Branding & Retreat Photographer

"I absolutely loved everything about my profiling session with Shannon.

Discovering my four major Archetypes has given me such a deeper understanding of myself both personally and in business.

Learning about myself in this way has given me invaluable tools in how I operate"

Kerryn Slater, Spiritual Cheerleader, Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher

(and future Thrive Factor Profiler!)

Here's all the benefits of being a part of the Thrive Factor Inner Circle online community

Member Benefits

Monthly Inner Circle Classes focused on the 4 M's of Momentum to provide you with a value and outcome driven, focused learning experience each month

An invitation to join a monthly group Inner Circle session where you can chat with other members and potentially sit in the Inner Circle hot seat to be coached live by Shannon.

Inner Circle hot seat opportunities will be by application only and selected randomly to ensure as many members as possible get this opportunity.

Session days and times will vary each month to allow for members in different time zones to plan ahead and attend live.

All sessions will be recorded.

Additional support in the Private Inner Circle Facebook group. As well as the opportunity to receive additional insights into the Thrive Factor Archetypes you'll be able to network with other women in business also choosing thriving. Shannon will be active in the group for a weekly live Q&A and you'll receive ongoing support from the Thrive Factor Mentors

Learn your Thrive Factor Archetypes with exclusive access to the Thrive Factor Online Assessment. A report will be delivered to you via email within 3-5 days of Inner Circle doors opening.

There's no point being a part of this supportive community if you don't know your Archetypes!

Thrive Factor Inner Circle member pricing on many future offerings delivered as part of the ever expanding Thrive Factor focused solutions offered by Shannon under the Thrive Factor School umbrella.

This also includes access to book private one on one coaching sessions with Shannon at Inner Circle Member rates without any minimum commitment or lock in time frame.

Working with Shannon privately by the hour hasn't been available. If it was it would start from $600 an hour

Priority opportunities to upgrade to a VIP membership when places become available

VIP Member Benefits

All the Inner Circle Member benefits plus these exclusive additional inclusions

There are currently only 2 VIP places available. Is one yours?

Bonus VIP Content for some of the monthly Inner Circle Classes to accelerate your learning and support implementation

A standing invitation to join Shannon in twice monthly group VIP Inner Circle sessions delivered online.

Using a mastermind coaching process each member who shows up live can bring a question or challenge to the group.

Together we will use our Thrive Factor wisdom to help you find clarity, answers and define action.

Session days and times will vary each month to allow a majority of VIP members to participate.

All sessions will be recorded.

Be profiled by Shannon!  Yes, you'll get the full Thrive Factor Experience and meet with Shannon to be profiled within the first 6 weeks of joining.

If you've been profiled before you can exchange this benefit for a 45 minute private session with Shannon to map out your Thrive Factor business model

Weekly email support to provide added tips and implementation insights in line with the monthly Inner Circle Class topics. Shannon will be available to answer any questions you have by replying to the weekly VIP Inner Circle Member email

Thrive Factor Inner Circle VIP member pricing on many future offerings delivered as part of the ever expanding Thrive Factor focused solutions offered by Shannon under the Thrive Factor School umbrella.

This also includes access to book private one on one coaching sessions with Shannon at VIP Member rates without any minimum commitment or lock in time frame

Take a look at the first 8 Inner Circle Classes

Class 1: Mindset: Insights for Accelerated Thriving

Drawing on a process created to help you understand your business journey till this point, this class focuses on you finding the treasure within your experience and mindset. We will explore your past thinking, learning, responding and acting so you can use your patterns to be more resilient and confident as a business woman

Class 2: Marketing: Making a More Effortless Ideal Client Connection

Knowing your ideal client is often one of the hardest things in business. You have an abundance of skills and experiences that can help so many. Using your Archetypes you'll learn to profile your Ideal Client and how to use this knowledge to more confidently attract her

Class 3: Money: Understanding your Client Buying Formula & How to Support her to Invest in You without the Sales Hype

Each Thrive Factor Archetype has a distinctly unique way of approaching money and the investments she makes. Following on from Class 2's Ideal Client exploration, knowing the buying formula your clients are following will support you to support her to invest in what you have to offer!

Class 4 : Magnetism: Turn Finding Clients into Effortlessly Attracting Them Over and Over Again

Being magnetic can feel so elusive, particularly when so much of what you've tried hasn't netted consistent results. You'll learn where to discover and how to use your unique magnetism. Then you can show up and show us more of YOU and feel amazing and more confident doing so

Class 5: Mindset: Strengths Based Practices to Transform your Potential Challenges into Useful Experiences

Potential Challenges are the things that get in your way of success. Sometimes they lead to negative experiences that make you question yourself and your business. Understanding their role in your life and how to transform them will change the way you look at them for the better

Class 6: Marketing: Transform your Email & Sales Page Copy & Content into a Powerhouse of Engagement

Each Archetype has a certain pattern of common language. Unless you understand the language of your ideal clients she will feel like you're talking a different language. She'll wonder if you really get where she's at and her doubt may turn her away instead of inviting her to lean in and work with you.

Class 7: Money: Adopt a Reliable Thriving Money Mindset

Money mindset, like regular mindset, has a huge influence on the day to day running of your business. Learning how each of your Archetypes thinks and acts in response to her money expression is so helpful. In additon you'll learn thriving money practices to support your money mindset each day

Class 8: Magnetism: How to Find & Maintain Trust in Yourself so Others Trust you too!

You have heard the phrase "to invest in you, your clients need to know, like and trust you" a bazillion times I'm sure. Trust is the stand out word in that phrase. Before others can trust you, you've got to know how to totally trust and rely on yourself. This is the class where you'll learn how to do that from the perspective of your Archetypes. They have your back!

At the beginning of each month of your membership you get access to a new Inner Circle Class.

Each class is designed to give you an opportunity to get to understand the best of your Thrive Factor Archetypes.

When this happens you're totally shifting into your effortless success zone and once you get a taste of that you'll want more!

"I had the opportunity to have my profile done with Shannon at a Symposium in Tuscany. I thought I had it all sussed out, I knew which archetypes I was going to be....... boy did I get it wrong!!

Shannon blew my mind!

There was a moment of..."no no, you have that wrong", but that quickly unraveled with Shannons incredible knowledge, experience and what this profiling is actually all about.

In that single session, Shannon changed the way I see myself, not just as a businesswoman, but as a woman. I felt like I had full permission to actually be me, and do things my way.

And that was ok, it would still be successful. I can not recommend this work enough, it truly is a game-changer. I also have the privilege of being in the Thrive Factor book, because, well you know, when you are a Queen Ruler and a cheeky Pioneer Seeker everyone wants a piece!"

Amy Towle, Queen at Temple of She

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Loved the insights from women in business shared above?

Here's a whole lot more

"Having had my thrive factor profile done by Shannon has helped me better understand who I am in both my business and personal life.

It’s given me the clarity on how and why I do things the way I do and the confidence to do them. It’s given me permission to be me. Thank you Shannon"

Lyn Uniewicz Rosillo, Gifting Specialist

"After having my Thrive Factor profile done it seemed to connect all the boxes. It was an aha moment.

It gave me permission to just be me and explained a lot of the things that I knew but couldn’t equate into daily life and business.

Can’t recommend it more highly, when you embrace your archetypes you can leverage your strengths. It also helps you recognise your challenges. Just do it!"

Donna Gordin, Home 2 Home Realty

"I had my Thrive Factor profiling completed by Shannon last year. And wow, what an insight!

By understanding and knowing my archetypes, I am now able to effectively use my strengths personally and professionally.

I also now know what signs to look for when my body needs a rest and what also inspires me.

Thanks Shannon!"

Sarah Chopra, Naturopath

"Thank you Shannon. My profiling session was surprising and enlightening. Some I recognised easily and others were OH WOW. But the real juiciness of finding out the archetypes was how they flow and work together and this is what has helped me use the archetypal energy for greatest benefit and results in my work.

Knowing the strengths and challenges each one represents and how they can support and balance one another.

After having the profiling session I was thrilled that you wrote a book and its such a beautiful handy reference to have. Plus I love the fun images that you painted for the archetypes deck"

Aesha Kennedy – Creativity Guide

"What an incredible tool this is that Shannon has created.

Helped me completely understand what helps me in business and also what’s holds me back. I can’t recommend this enough!"

Sam Macdonald, Hair Magician at Trigg Hair Studio

"Being profiled by Shannon and discovering my Thrive Factor Archetypes, was a wonderful moment. Knowing about my archetypes has given me so much more clarity and confidence in accepting and believing in myself and my strengths, whilst balancing my challenges.

Thank you, Shannon, it really has helped me to be more in my ‘effortless success zone"

Rachel Gardiner, Cinnamon Girl Tea

Who is Shannon B?

Thrive Factor Founder - Cheerleader for YOU thriving!

A super creator, visionary thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, chai devotee, stand up paddleboard addict!

Shannon is an international award-winning businesswoman, retreat leader and regularly sought out as a keynote speaker. She's the Amazon best-selling author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, a book introducing you to the archetypal framework changing the way women interact with themselves and the world.

Think about The Thrive Factor as the best kind of psychology meets the wisest parts of you meets accelerating your success in life and business, with the greatest of effortlessness.

Shannon coaches, mentors, teachers and cheers dynamic adventurous women who are true #thriveseekers searching for more to connect with their innate Thrive Factor Archetypes and their unique permission giving activation to be – B bigger, B bolder, B brighter! 

Shannon has been championing women thriving as a cornerstone of her work for over 14 years and expanded the #thrivingwomanrevolution in 2019 with the opening of Thrive Factor School where she teaches women in business the art of Archetypal Profiling using the Thrive Factor Framework.

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