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Are you ready to discover your Thrive Factor?
including the very best of its predecessor, the 2013 Amazon Best Seller, Personal Leadership Style - but incorporating author Shannon Bush's (that's me!) insights and learning from over 350 profiling experiences with women in business, The Thrive Factor is a book like no other

> 12 unique Archetypes <
> 48+ stories of real women sharing real experiences <
> mindset, marketing, money and magnetism insights for every Archetype <

The Thrive Factor book is a game changer for all women in business seeking to maximise your potential and totally thrive in 2019 and beyond

When you know your Thrive Factor you have a powerful way to unlock your Effortless Success Zone; to know how to live with greater ease and effortlessness because you understand your innate strengths, potential challenges and how to use these to your advantage every day!
Thriving is the ultimate goal; it is living your best life and leading a business that expresses the best of you
Ever questioned how to be your best self?

Experience challenges that leave you feeling frustrated or overwhelmed?

In business do you feel there is something more you could do to make things easier, but you are not sure what?

Do you feel like most days it is more about surviving than thriving? 

In this follow up to the 2013 Amazon best seller ‘Personal Leadership Style’, award winning business consultant and coach, I am back to share powerful new understandings of my 12 personal leadership archetypes, known now as Thrive Factor archetypes. 

After personally profiling over 450 women in business I have amassed mindset, marketing and money insights that will support you to embrace your innate strengths and comprehend potential challenges you may experience.

In addition I share observations on what makes each archetype magnetic, providing you with a fascinating way to lean into your best self and create a totally thriving life and business being 100% you. 

Often described as ‘permission giving’, what you will learn in The Thrive Factor could be the missing link to unlock your Effortless Success Zone, a place of flow, ease and inspiration every business woman deserves. 

Written for all women, The Thrive Factor Book introduces you to the 12 Archetypes of the Thrive Factor Framework. No matter your unique profile, you are many different attributes; strengths and potential challenges and more.

Are you ready to totally thrive?

Read on to discover the multitude of ways you can Thrive this year and set yourself up for abundant future thriving
Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business
Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business Thrive Factor Book Shannon Bush | Archetypes for Women in Business
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When you click through to buy a copy of The Thrive Factor book you'll also be able to order a set of the new Thrive Factor Archetype Cards!

The original card deck has been superseded by an all new, full colour, high quality deck featuring all 12 Thrive Factor archetypes. A beautiful way to remember the best of your Mindset, Marketing, Money and Magnetism strengths.

When you buy the book and card deck as a bundle you'll also make savings on your purchase. Need more than 10 books or 10 card sets? Please email hello@creativepossibility.com.au and we'll be in touch to work out how to support you with bulk buy pricing and to confirm shipping costs to your location.

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Buy The Thrive Factor book - Amazon Kindle version
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While you will be able to gain an incredible understanding of the 12 archetypes you'll meet in The Thrive Factor book the only way to truly know your archetypes is to book a profiling session with me!

The session includes your assessment, a one page full colour digital report to provide a summary of your profile archetypes and a 45 minute debriefing session delivered online via Zoom where I'll introduce you to your archetypes and give you personalised insights into how they interact together and the potential impacts this has for you and your business

As the first Thrive Factor Profiling graduates finish up their training in January 2020, this opportunity to be personally profiled by me will become a very rare thing indeed. So don't wait, jump in now and get profiled. I can't wait to help you thrive!
I'm ready to discover my Thrive Factor Archetypes
become a qualified Thrive Factor Profiler
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In June 2019, for the very first time, a new and uber exciting opportunity opened up for women in business working with women with the launch of Thrive Factor School.

The very first group of Thrive Factor Profiling students commenced training to become proficient in using the Thrive Factor Profiling Framework to provide other women with an opportunity to transform their lives and, if they are in business, their businesses and they graduate in January 2020.

The foundational program is delivered over the course of six months and covers everything you need to know when it comes to the 12 Thrive Factor Archetypes, how to successfully conduct profiling, plus how to integrate this into your existing business, including models and templates for programs you can use and adapt to suit your ideal clients.

In addition there is an additional 3 month training to provide a higher level certification for you if you wish to use the Thrive Factor Framework with women in business.

There are two training school intakes for the foundational Certification program annually - in January and May each year.

Request more information & book your application interview here
join the next round of Market To Thrive
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As you learn more about the Thrive Factor Archetypes and read the many stories included in the book you will hear mention of my much loved Mindset, Marketing and Personal Leadership program, Market To Thrive.

I lead 2-3 live rounds each year and over the course of 8 weeks we'll work together to set you up with the best foundations to support you to confidently market yourself and your business.

The entire program is delivered live, online so you can join from anywhere in the world. You receive access to personalised teaching and an ample serve of my coaching too, simply because I can't help it. You can thank my Archetypes for that.

If marketing and getting out of your own way has been a challenge to this point, then Market To Thrive is for you.

Market To Thrive welcomes up to 20 participants each intake PLUS you'll receive even more with the inclusion of the best in terms of Mindset and Marketing from the Thrive Factor perspective.

Many of the graduates of past Market To Thrive programs have been featured in The Thrive Factor book simply because profiling is the first step of the program and they all took what they learned, applied it beautifully and opened up to and experienced more confidence, more clients, more clarity and oodles of thriving.
Register here for the next intake - only 20 places per round in 2019!
To celebrate the launch of The Thrive Factor you can watch a series of interviews with the "stars" featured in the book.

New video interviews and podcast episodes will be released over the coming weeks.

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